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The Glass Shore, edited by Sinéad Gleeson, New Island Books

The Glass Shore, Paperback edition, edited by Sinéad Gleeson, Publishing October 8th. New Island Books

The Irish Book Award-winning anthology of female writers is now available in paperback for the first time.
Following the landmark 2015 publication of The Long Gaze Back,  one question kept arising: where was the equivalent anthology for women writers from the north? The Glass Shore, compiled by award-winning editor Sinéad Gleeson, provides an intimate and illuminating insight into a previously underappreciated literary canon. Twenty-five female luminaries — whose lives and works cover three centuries — capture experiences that are both vivid and varied, despite their shared geographical heritage. Unavoidably affected by a difficult political past, this challenging landscape is navigated by characters who are searingly honest, humorous and, at times, heartbreakingly poignant. The result is a collection that is enthralling, stirring and quietly disconcerting. Individually, these intriguing stories make an indelible impact and are cause for reflection and contemplation. Together, they transgress their social, political and gender constraints, instead collectively presenting a distinctive, resolute and impassioned voice worthy of recognition and admiration.

CONTRIBUTORS: Rosa Mulholland, Erminda Rentoul Esler, Sarah Grand, Alice Milligan, Eithne Carbery, Margaret Barrington, Janet McNeill, Mary Beckett, Polly Devlin, Frances Molloy, Una Woods, Sheila Llewellyn, Linda Anderson, Anne Devlin, Evelyn Conlon, Mary O’Donnell, Annemarie Neary, Martina Devlin, Rosemary Jenkinson, Bernie McGill, Tara West, Jan Carson, Lucy Caldwell and Roisín O’Donnell.  

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