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Training Courses

The Essentials of Book Production – Postponed until 2021

Event Details

PDF Essentials Book Production


Do you wish you had a better understanding of all the different factors which affect prices and schedules?

This one-day course will teach you all you need to know about how books are manufactured and will give you an understanding of the main issues and terminology used in book production, including several practical exercises throughout the day, as well as visuals and physical samples.




Each stage of the workflow is covered including

  • Colour printing
  • Binding
  • Paper pricing
  • Shipping

The day will also give you an insight into:

  • what a printing plate looks like
  • what the inks are like in their raw state
  • the differences between paper types

Who is it for?

  • production staff
  • editors
  • sales
  • marketers
  • designers

After today you will have an excellent understanding of all the production stages involved in the creation of a book and will help improve your day-to-day effectiveness, whatever your role in publishing.

This course will sell out quickly to guarantee your place ensure to purchase your tickets now


Fiction and narrative Non-Fiction Editing with Brian Langan

Event Details

  • Date:  – 
  • Venue: Poetry Ireland


Join one of the most respected editors in Ireland, with over two decades’ experience, working inhouse for both small independent companies and large multinationals; and, since 2017, as a freelance editor. Brian is a meticulous, thorough and diplomatic editor with a keen eye for excellence in writing and sees his role as bringing out the best in a writer’s work. He has worked with a variety of both fiction and non-fiction authors including Donal Ryan, Colm O’Regan, Hilary Fannin, Joe Duffy, Shane Connaughton and Conor O’Clery. Alongside his editorial work, Brian recently set up Storyline Literary Agency, and he is also a published author, currently writing his second novel.

In this one-day intensive course, editor Brian Langan will take you through the finer points and elements of writing and editing that are specific to fiction and narrative non-fiction, such as character, narration and dialogue, plot, perspective, style and voice, with a particular focus on writing for an audience



The Art of the Pitch with James Spackman

Date: February – 

Venue: Poetry Ireland


Pitching IS Publishing; you can’t make a bestseller on your own, so everyone in publishing needs to know how to pitch a book persuasively. Editors need to enlist support from colleagues; sales, rights and publicity people need to galvanise customers and contacts.

Book Pitch Doctor workshops create a supportive environment in which publishers develop their own presenting voice, and increase their skill and confidence at talking persuasively about books

Key benefits

  • Book specific, based on understanding of the nuances of publishing
  • Realistic, based also on understanding of common publishing scenarios
  • Constructive, supportive and practical

“James delivered a really useful, constructive training session, focused to our particular, and specialist, market. His skill in dealing with a group with widely varying experience was impressive and all delegates gave positive enthusiastic feedback.”

Catherine Stokes, Head of Sales & Marketing, Nosy Crow

About James Spackman

I’m a publisher and consultant. My cycling imprint, Pursuit, is part of Profile Books. I also freelance in marketing, copy and strategy. I started out in the postroom at Bloomsbury, then became their London rep, before moving on to John Murray, Hodder and Osprey Group, in sales, marketing, editorial and management roles. I have sold to all major UK retailers, and enjoy helping fellow sales people challenge themselves and sharpen their skills.