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Virtual Frankfurt Book Fair 2020

The two main components of the digital Fair are as follows:

1) Exhibitor catalogue: this will be the “homebase” of your presence. Each publisher will have a profile that will include a logo, a catalogue, link to your company’s website, social media buttons and more. The exhibitor catalogue also has a text field where you can enter information on your company, division and imprints.


2) Frankfurt Rights: this platform will be your digital rights catalogue. You will be able to upload your rights guides, title information, rights availability, and previews of titles available to international participants after request. This will be a great platform to get new interest for the translation royalties and co-edition rights of your titles.

The online registration form is attached. You can send it back directly to the Frankfurt Book Fair team at (your registration and digital listing will be managed directly with the Frankfurt Book Fair team). All participation is free of charge. Deadline for registration for these services is 15 September 2020.

Once a publisher is registered, the “contact person” will be able to enter the different digital services (exhibitor catalogue, calendar of events, Frankfurt Rights, etc), edit their entries and upload content from mid-September. Then, other staff can also register through mybookfair to have access to the programming, events, rights platform and more.

Virtual Frankfurt Bookfair 2020

Should you have questions or difficulties, please contact the Frankfurt Book Fair directly at:

Frankfurter Buchmesse
t: +49 (0)69 2102-111


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