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Proofreading and Copy-Editing: Two-Day Course 2 Day Course - 11th and 12th September 2024

  • Wednesday 11th September @ 9:30 am
  • Online

    PROOFREADING – DAY 1 – 11.09.24

    Following copy-editing and typesetting, the proofreader acts as a second pair of eyes about the text. The proofreader also checks the typesetter’s work. The course guides these tasks.

    Who the course is for:

    For editorial staff seeking to improve proofreading skills.

    Course content:

    • Hard-copy and digital proofreading
    • Checking for spelling and grammatical errors overlooked by the copy-editor or incorrectly implemented by the typesetter
    • Making minor changes to improve the flow of text or to make it more understandable
    • Checking the typesetter’s work: table of contents, table of figures, page numbering, running heads, table and figure numbering, correct placement of images, widows/orphans, word breaks
    • Checking consistency of fonts/font sizes
    • Author queries
    • Tips and tricks for time-saving and accuracy


    COPY-EDITING – DAY 2  – 12.09.24

    Who the course is for:

    For production editors and editorial staff seeking to improve copy-editing skills and house style.

    About the course:

    The copy-editor ensures that written material is clear, accurate and correct; that everything is there and in the right place; that no part of the text contradicts another part; that nothing in the text will create legal or inclusivity problems; and that the copy is thoroughly prepared for trouble-free typesetting. The course provides guidance on these tasks.

    Course content:

    • Workflow: copy-editing, design/typesetting, proofreading, indexing, printing
    • Hard-copy and digital copy-editing
    • Copy-editing style guide (grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, italicisation, hyphenation, etc.)
    • Book structure
    • Illustrations, figures and tables
    • Plagiarism
    • Inclusive language
    • Legal compliance
    • Author queries
    • XML mark-up
    • Tips and tricks for time-saving and accuracy


    Dominic Carroll is a freelance copy-editor, proofreader, indexer, typesetter and computer-program trainer with more than thirty years’ experience. Examples of his work include The Companion to Irish Traditional Music (copy-editing, typesetting) and The Atlas of the Irish Revolution (proofreading), both published by Cork University Press.