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Words Ireland Survey


Words Ireland, a group of seven literature organisations, is carrying out the first major survey of writers and illustrators in Ireland in over a decade. This is relevant to all writers, illustrators and those working in the literature and publishing sector, whatever stage you’re at in your career. The anonymous information gathered will feed Words Ireland’s efforts to improve the pay and conditions of writers and literature workers for years to come. It will also help to identify the barriers faced by people underrepresented in literature to becoming a writer or illustrator or to work in the literature/publishing sector. We’d be grateful if you could take time to respond to one of the below:

Writers & Illustrators Survey: Literature & Publishing workers: 

The deadline for completion of the surveys is 27 May. The results will be made public in September. The greater the number of responses, the greater the impact these surveys can have in building a stronger, fairer literature sector.

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